Happy Holidays, Thank You, and See You Next Year

Buddha image - FotoliaI want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, or Kwanzaa, or “a few days off work,” depending on what you celebrate, as this will be the last blog peep you hear out of me for 2013. I hope the remaining days of this year allow you time to spend with people you love, including yourself. (I digress a little, but don’t you think radical self-compassion is one of the most underrated things ever? That, and new socks. Don’t be afraid to throw out your saggy, threadbare, non-elasticized socks, and to be kind to yourself. )

There have been some great things that have come to me through this blog, and my favorite one is the connection. When one of you feels comfortable or inspired enough to share something really personal in the comments, I can absolutely FEEL your emotions coming to me off the screen. When that happens, I’m honored, I’m moved, and I’m excited to remember the power of the word and conversation. It makes me want to write more, so thank you, to all of you who have joined me on this site and opened up a line of communication. Thank you.

I wish I could be less of a cliché and say, “Geez, 2013 moved at the speed of a snail,” but alas, no, because it fricking flew by in, like, 16 seconds. No wonder my manuscript isn’t finished. HA! And so the book edit will roll over from one year to the next, and I will tear out more hair. It will get done, though. It will get done. And when it’s finally done, it will be good.

Besides finishing the book edit (and then selling the book), my wish for 2014 is to do more paid travel writing, to expand my mental illness speaking platform to include middle-school-aged kids, and to add some mainstream sites and publications for my mental health writing. I’m pretty sure I can do it, although I broke out into a small sweat just typing that sentence. But one day at a time, right? And then before we know it, it will be 2015. Actually, in another 16 seconds, if this year is anything like the last.

What are you wishing for in your life for 2014, and what about it makes you a little bit nervous? 



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    Your blog, indeed all your writing, is a joy to read, Laura. No matter how difficult the subject, your warmth, humour, and openness, make it easy for readers to comment and ask questions. Yours is a gift.

    Thank you for your generous holiday wishes. I wish you the very same! Many hugs. :)

    As for your question, I am wishing for my life what I always wish for: that love will find a way into it, that I’ll have a few fun adventures, that those dear to me will be safe and happy, and that possibly, just maybe, I’ll have a wee bit of success with my writing (in whatever way success might be defined). 2014 only makes me nervous because dang it, I’m getting older and time passes far toooooooo quickly. 16 seconds? Actually 2013 felt like 12.5 seconds to me. ;)
    Jo-Anne Teal recently posted…East HastingsMy Profile

    • Laura Zera says

      Ooooh, I think your 2014 sounds very exciting, and I’m already looking forward to it for you!! Especially to see where your writing takes you. Speaking of gifts, I can’t believe you’ve kept yours to yourself for so long. The world owes Kern a debt of gratitude for her encouragement to help you get started, and I hope I can support you and continue to fuel your commitment to the craft the same way you’ve done for me. Lots of love to you, Jo-Anne. xo

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    Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you too, Laura! It has been a joy to follow your blog through 2013 and to share mine with you too. Enjoy your break over the festive season – I am sure switching off from the blog and social media for a bit will recharge your batteries (and I don’t mean your laptop’s!) so that you dive into 2014 full of creative energy and ready for an exciting New Year. Your book will be well worth waiting for, I’m sure – slow stewing beats fast food any day!

    My wish for 2014 is to spend more time writing creative pieces, whether fiction or non-fiction, and to launch some new books into the ether – mine have been stewing too, and will be all the better for not being rushed. What makes me nervous about that? They’ll be personal pieces close to my heart, and it’s always nerve-wracking to put those in the public arena (and it’s something you do so well, Laura).

    Oh, and to get more sleep. I’m very bad at pressing that “off” switch…

    Here’s hoping Santa brings you LOTS of fluffy new socks, preferably of different weights and materials so you have a pair to suit every climate in which you plan to travel in 2014!

    • Laura Zera says

      I’m so looking forward to switching off for a couple of weeks, Debbie, I can’t even tell you! Like you, I find it hard to press the off switch when I’m at home, as does my husband. It’s a by-product of being self-employed, and of our multi-tasking culture, I reckon. I hope you get lots of down time to recharge as well. I bet your village is perfectly lovely during the holidays.

      I wish you much success with your writing projects in 2014. And in my experience, the public arena is more like the ball room at Ikea than a Roman colosseum: friendly, supportive and appreciative of opportunities to connect on a deeper level, so launch away, my dear! Launch away. :) xo

    • Laura Zera says

      And love and hugs to you as well, Josie. Thank you for all that you do, too. Your posts have given me some great ideas, and completely broadened my perspective of how the next 20 years might play out!

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        So sweet Laura! Haha yeah, my 60-year-old self feels like the Old Lady of the Internet sometimes!

        But in all seriousness I am indeed fortunate to have a life of travel and writing. I thank Mother Nature, (my god of choice), for bringing great fortune to me in the form of valuable people surrounding me. That’s the key as far as I’m concerned. — and as you and I share having had a mentally ill mother, you know just how precious those valuable people can be!

        Happy 2014 to you and yours.

        Josie recently posted…The Felines of EphesusMy Profile

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    I have loved being on this journey with you and witness your progress. You will fly in leaps and bounds. I love your humor and energy!

    I hope to be half as productive as you! My own journey is demanding, but I comply with gusto! I will travel more this year and hopefully my life with be enriched by it! And your friendship has been to me!

    Jodi from Heal Now and Forever recently posted…Uncovering the Symbols Of ChristmasMy Profile

    • Laura Zera says

      Oh, I don’t know, Jodi, I think your productivity is HUGE just in what you give to the world. Honestly. You spread so much good stuff around — energy, love, compassion, healing. I have often thought that it was a real blessing the day I stumbled onto your blog and then felt such a strong connection. Here’s to more of that in 2014! Lots of love to you. xox

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    I feel just the same way about those lovely real and very human responses to things I write and am equally delighted to have been able to make contact with you and your inspirational posts. It’s a pleasure to visit here and to have travelled with you to far-flung places. Thank you and sincere good wishes for the season.
    Let’s hope for much happiness in 2014.

    • Laura Zera says

      I tease you about your ‘quaint community’ on Twitter sometimes, but I really do think you’ve built a lovely friend network around your own blog and I’m ever so glad to be a part of it. And I think I can see much happiness coming up… it’s just right around the corner… be ready to receive it! :)

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    The subject you’ve chosen to write about is not an easy one and good writing isn’t easy to start with; but I know your tenacity and am sure you will finish your project and reap the rewards you deserve along with some peace of mind. Have a great vacation. We’re looking forward to a reunion with you and Francis in the New Year.

    • Laura Zera says

      Tenacity is something we share, I think, Ken! And I’m glad you used that word, because lately I’ve been feeling a bit noodly. This vacation should do the trick to bring the energy back, though. I wish you and Gail a very happy holidays and we will see you soon!

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    Enjoy your holiday! Yes, your memoir will get written and yes, my novel will get finished as well. One of my goals for the coming year is to be better with separating work time from home time, which as your stated above, can be tricky when self-employed. I’ve even started working with a career coach so I can fine-tune my habits, or perhaps whip some of my worst ones into shape!
    Jeri recently posted…Author Interview: Lita BurkeMy Profile

    • Laura Zera says

      I’m so happy that we have each other to keep each other on track and heading for the finish line on our books! That’s fantastic that you’re working with a coach. I’ve done that twice in the past and found it enormously beneficial. It’s a great investment in yourself.

      Hope you and Matt enjoy the holiday season and catch you in the new year! xo

    • Laura Zera says

      Well, I know your trip to Cuba will be fabulous, and as for peace, my fingers and toes are double crossed! Thanks, Jo, and talk to you in 2014. xo


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