Apr 22

Travel: Happy Earth Day to You

I always forget how amazing it feels to connect to the beauty and wonder of our planet until I get outside for a bit, away from the stores and the cars and the people, and then I notice a bug or a leaf or a flower petal, and time comes to a sudden and crashing …

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Apr 14

Pathology of a Daydream: Sluggish Cognitive Tempo

Look out, the sanctity of daydreaming may be on the path to obliteration. There’s a new psychiatric disorder in our midst, folks, and I almost laughed it off until I remembered this country’s propensity to allow pharmaceutical lobbying to turn blatantly ludicrous things into a part of our everyday lives. That, I fear, could be …

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Apr 07

Secrets Revealed: My Interview for Lorna Suzuki

As per The Beach Boys, “I’m gettin’ bugged driving up and down this same old strip, I gotta find a new place where the kids are hip.” This week, that place is Lorna Suzuki’s blog. Lorna interviewed me for her “featured author” segment, and I’m super chuffed, especially since it was just two Fridays ago …

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Mar 31

Travel: Sandboarding in Namibia

If you’re standing on a sand dune in Swakopmund, Namibia and you’re in a George Mallory state of mind, what do you do? Yes! You put on a helmet, wax up a quarter-inch-thick piece of particle board, lay on it, and rocket down the slope at 80 kilometers per hour! You think I’m kidding? I’m …

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Mar 25

Mental Health: Finding the Help to Thrive

Boop! It’s a guest posting week! I hope you’ll hop over. The whole survive vs. thrive thing is one of the tabs in my brain browser that I’ve been leaving open all the time lately. I’m looking at my own behaviors, developing an awareness of when I step out of thrive mode and back into …

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Mar 19

Travel Photo: Lost in Time in Turkey

  We’re pulling from the travel photo time capsule this week, and visiting Turkey. But remind me which century we’re in? Photo date: October, 2011 Looks like: 1926 Location: Bosphorus Ferry, Istanbul Nationality of subject: If he’s not British, I’ll do 50 somersaults in a row He used to have a thing for: Margaret Thatcher …

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Mar 11

Travel: Cameroon’s Far North Region

There’s no better time to go work in Cameroon than eight weeks after major surgery, I figured. With a fresh incision scar that went from belly button to pubic bone (a rather unwieldy thing had to come out), I got on a plane in 2007 and relocated to Yaoundé for six months, leaving my husband, …

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Mar 05

Mental Health Resources for Kids

Having just spent a morning speaking to AP Psychology students at a local high school this week, I thought it would be a fitting time to highlight a few mental health resources for children and youth. When I was growing up, there were few to no places for me to go to talk to a …

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Feb 25

Travel: My Cup of Wild Civet Coffee

While I once pooh-poohed the notion of poo-poo coffee (and any other delicacies that passed through the digestive system of a civet or a beaver) in “Say, Did That Strawberry Flavor Come From Beaver Butt?” it seems that back then, I didn’t know my head from my ass. A well-connected friend hooked me up with …

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Feb 17

Travel: ChickyBus’ Lisa Egle Explains Her Adventure Style

Are female solo travelers crazy? No!* In this interview with travel expert Lisa Egle, she soundly puts all lingering speculation on that to rest, and might very well light the solo-travel fire in you! Lisa is the author of Magic Carpet Seduction, a memoir of off-the-beaten path travel that takes ‘riders’/readers on unique journeys to China, …

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