Oct 21

Travel: What About a Gap Year?

It’s funny how even simple concepts evolve to have different practical applications, depending on which part of the world you’re in. Take the idea of a gap year, for instance. The term originated in the U.K. in the 1960s, and it has basically always meant to go on a relatively unstructured overseas trip after high …

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Oct 06

Tips and Tools for the Sensory Defensive, Part II

Going to sling one final post at you with information on the condition known as “sensory defensiveness.” If you haven’t heard about this condition, you can find the basics in my introductory post on what it means to be sensory defensive. The first batch of tips and tools are in this Part I post. Today, …

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Sep 16

Depression as a Dinner Table Topic

This week, I’m using my airplane-exit-row hands to direct you over to Matthew Peter’s blog. A fellow mental health services consumer and wellness advocate, Matt has been an important voice in the conversation and education around dual diagnosis (which he wrote about on my website back in June). I’m grateful that he’s created space for …

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Sep 09

Travel: Marble Canyon, British Columbia

We often hear that the journey is as important as the destination. That adage proved itself truer than ever last week while driving from Calgary, Alberta to Fairmont Hot Springs, British Columbia and we killed the ignition for a spell at Marble Canyon. From the road, it’s as inauspicious as a regular rest stop, but …

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Aug 26

Tips and Tools for the Sensory Defensive, Part I

A few weeks ago, I wrote about what it means to be sensory defensive. The basic definition, as provided by Dr. Sharon Heller in Too Loud, Too Bright, Too Fast, Too Tight, is this: “sensory defensiveness is a condition that encompasses a constellation of symptoms, including tension, anxiety, avoidance, stress, anger, and even violence, that result …

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Aug 12

Travel: Leavenworth, Bavaria’s Cutesy American Cousin

When bored urban planning committees “seek to revitalize,” places like Leavenworth are born. What this means for the easily distracted is that all we have to do is drive two hours northeast of Seattle, and gesundheit, we’ve hit Bavaria-land, a place where beer and sausages reign supreme. It’s where even the banks, gas stations and …

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Jul 29

PNWA 2014 Writers’ Conference: When Zen Sets In

This July’s PNWA Writers’ Conference marked my third go, and while I learned six cups of coffee, three glasses of wine, a gallon of water, two Advil and a 90-minute “recovery” massage worth of stuff, the most important bit of enlightenment from it all was this: I’m still in it. What I mean by those …

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Jul 15

Mental Health: What Is Sensory Defensiveness?

I’m currently reading a book called Too Loud, Too Bright, Too Fast, Too Tight by Sharon Heller. Sounds like erotica, I know, but it’s actually about what it’s like to be a sensory defensive person in the world, and how to cope. My coach recommended it a few weeks ago after I told her how spending …

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Jul 01

Female Solo Travel in the Digital Age: Just Flipping Go

While the Internet can be given credit for revolutionizing oh-so-many things, one of the biggies is travel. How the heck did we do it, back in the old days? When we relied on outdated, five-pound printed guide books? And made international calls from telephone booth pay phones? (Or, maybe like me, you just “disappeared” for …

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Jun 16

Mental Health: Dual Diagnosis and Effective Treatment

The comorbid existence of a mental illness and a substance abuse problem is called “dual diagnosis.” Until recently, I hadn’t read or heard too much about it, beyond its basic definition, but was interested to learn that the condition brings about its own set of treatment considerations. Today, Matthew Peters is here to share his personal experience …

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